Getting pretty annoyed with seeing comments about how ‘naff’ Lotus is. In my opinion, Christina didn’t record Lotus to make it sell millions or for it to be the most amazing album ever, she made it because people kept demanding she got back in the studio.

She usually takes up to four years to make an album which fans claim to understand (even though they complain about it) and then when she produces master pieces such as Stripped and Back To Basics, they praise her ass off. With Bionic (which I personally adore) a lot of people didn’t like it, to each their own I guess but Christina changes with each album and with Bionic, she took a risk and I think she should be very proud of it. Before, during and after Bionic, she were pregnant, and then a mother so her priorities changed, her goals changed, hence the different things she started doing instead of right away getting in the studio.

I think Lotus would be a completely different album if people had just let her go at her own pace like she usually does, but receiving so much hate from her own fans must of just made her crack a little and so she made the album a lot quicker than she normally would of done. I love Lotus, it doesn’t go as deep as her other albums but again, I personally think it’s because she felt pressured to release another album quickly to please fans. It isn’t another ‘flop’ (HATE that word) and neither was Bionic, she never makes music for sales, if she did, we’d have more albums from her than we do Rihanna to be honest, she makes music for herself, and for us, so when your own fans turn on you and the album they demanded be made sooner than usual, the poor girl cannot win.

I think people just need to take the sticks out of their asses. You wanted Lotus sooner than she were ready to make it, now it’s here you complain about it’s quality? What the hell is she meant to do seriously, Max is more important to her now so she’s doing things that benefit him and allow her to be with him all the time. If she said she never wanted to tour or make music again, I for one would applaud her, even if it means never getting any new magic from her because why go through it all, just to have her own fans slam her for what she creates?

Meh, I had to rant a little because, well, I can and it’s my Tumblr =P
I do not care how many people disagree either. 

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